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Engagement Ring Care Guide

You’ve got the most beautiful engagement ring with the most gorgeous diamond – now how do you keep it looking incredibly bright and blingy?

Well If you’ve recently gotten engaged or married, you are likely the new owner of a beautiful ring. Since you’ll be wearing that ring nearly every day of your life, you should know some simple tips to keep it looking its best and protect your investment. So to help you out we've outlined a list of the times you should consider taking off your Engagement Ring and an easy guide to help you understand the best ways to keep your rings looking their best:

Hard chemicals

You should always remove your ring before using chemicals such as bleach or abrasive cleaners that may discolor or scratch the metal surface of your ring.


Cold water can make your fingers temporarily shrink, which means your ring has a better chance of slipping off when splashing around in the pool. Likewise, rough tides might knock it off during a romp in the surf. Just like hand sanitizer, chlorine can cause discoloration to your band. In order to avoid having a cloudy diamond or a tarnished gold band, take your engagement ring off before going to a pool or beach.

Makeup, Moisturizer or Sunscreen

Diamonds are magnets for dust, dirt, and body oil. Dirt can get lodged in the smallest places and settle beneath your diamond, making the whole set look dingy and dirty. Like sunscreen, moisturizer and liquid make up can create a dull layer on your diamond and mask the beauty of the diamond. Because this is your daily routine, this "mask" will continually build up and affect the brilliance of the diamond. This layer of moisturizer or makeup can also be sticky and will result in other things adhering to your diamond, decreasing the sparkle and glow.

Workout in a Gym

Sweat and heavy wear and tear can cost the shine of the ring and also it is best to leave your ring in a safe place so it doesn’t get banged up by gym equipment. Plus, sweat will dull your finish. Fitness is important, but please try to remember to take your rings off before your sweat session.

Household Chores

Although you can wear your engagement ring for most cooking and baking activities, when you have to get your hands dirty while kneading the dough and pushing the mixture into the tart shell, do not wear your diamond engagement ring to avoid any mess or food particles being stuck in the ring. These particles build up a layer underneath your diamond and prevent light entering into the diamond which results in dullness.


Consider leaving your engagement ring home while traveling and just wear your wedding band. If you’re going for an adventurous vacation, this is one time to leave your ring safely at home. Carrying heavy suitcases or doing activities which require strength can pull prongs of your diamond and damage your ring, use care lifting your bags.

Keep Track of Your Ring

Place your ring in the same, safe place every day to avoid accidentally misplacing it. Avoid removing or placing your ring near vulnerable places, such as sinks or bathtubs, where it could easily be knocked off and lost. Always store your engagement ring by itself in a safe place to prevent the Ring from getting scratched or chipped by other gems.

Like a good marriage, engagement rings are made of strong stuff. Diamonds and precious metals like gold and platinum are difficult to ruin, but to keep them in tip top condition, they require regular care. It’s important to keep your diamond engagement ring clean. Not only from an aesthetic or hygienic perspective, but because diamond jewellery is an investment and needs protection to hold its value.

Before you start cleaning, it is important to check the state of the ring to ensure there are no loose diamonds that may come off during the clean or everyday wear. You can do this by inspecting the claws of the ring or by using a safety pin to check how secure each diamond is. If the diamond is moving in the setting, we recommend you to place a request with us to have it professionally cleaned and re-set.