Our Story

We at ORNAZ, know better than anyone that choosing the perfect engagement ring can be a daunting process. In an industry where there was no ideal brand as one destination for Engagement Rings, plenty Problems and solutions scarce. ORNAZ founders came along and took the matters into their own hands and founded ORNAZ in 2016.
Manik Bhola

Our team

Manik Bhola, the founder of ORNAZ tapped the needs of millennials and came up with the seed idea of what ORNAZ stands for. It all began in 2016 with a simple and courageous mission of building a D2C brand which caters people with what they want- contemporary designs and personalised experience. A year later Rashmi joined his idea of building a brand that resonates with millennials and paved the path to make it a successful brand which revolutionised the way people buy Engagement Rings in India
Rashmi Bakkar
Natural Diamonds

It’s all natural,and will Always be!

ORNAZ s Iconic rings are crafted with high quality GIA graded natural diamonds. These are carefully curated by our craftsmen to assure you get the maximum luster in your diamonds and flaunt it all you can.
The Art

Love-Art Relationship

Our craftsmen are the unsung heroes of our mission. It takes committed artisans and efforts round the clock to achieve perfection in all the countless details of those dreamy designs. The real masterpieces, the highlight of ORNAZ - Our Product- Our standout collection is all because of their attention to details.
The Artist

Hear out from ‘THEM’

“I had an amazing buying experience with ORNAZ. after hunting and exploring so many options for so long, i finally came across ORNAZ and got my dream ring. All thanks to the diamond expert at ORNAZ for helping me find the ring and make my experience so smooth and effortless. The ring exceeded my expectations and I’d highly recommend ORNAZ for designer rings, be it engagement rings or regular rings.”

-manali Shah, Customer, Mumbai

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