Craftsmanship of Ornaz Diamonds

STEP 1: From Transforming Stone to Refined Beauty

  • Treasured from the moment they’re culled from the earth, ORNAZ diamonds selected for our engagement rings never leave the hands of highly skilled artisans who transform the stone from rough gem to peerless beauty.

  • From Mother Nature
  • We honor the stupefying beauty
  • The diamonds that we cut and polish in our studios ensure that we honor the places and people that provide us with such stupefying beauty.

STEP 2: Making the Cut

  • Once a raw diamond is deemed worthy of ORNAZ, it is delivered straight to our own diamond cutting workshops. Here is where the stone takes shape in the hands of a ORNAZ expert, who follows a unique geometric structure to reveal the diamond’s natural splendor.

  • From a stone to a diamond
  • Precision of cut is the most paramount
  • Precision of cut is the most paramount factor in determining a diamond’s beauty, so the crafts-person's technical soul, meticulousness and artistry are critical. Many of ORNAZ’s cutters and polishers bring decades of experience to their craft.

  • ORNAZ diamonds are cut with the most exacting proportions to reveal a superior, striking diamond and to maximize brilliance.

  • ORNAZ diamonds are superior

STEP 3: Polishing

  • Geometric structure is determined
  • Once a diamond’s specific geometric structure is determined, it makes its way to expert polisher at a studio.

  • At this stage in the diamond’s journey, our polisher brings out the newly cut stone’s dazzle and symmetry.

  • ORNAZ Diamonds dazzle

STEP 4: Grading

  • ORNAZ grading standards reflects GIA
  • ORNAZ’s superlative grading standards are reflected in the international bodies like IGI and GIA determining a diamond’s gemmological makeup, rarity and quality,which we stand behind with our Lifetime Warranty.

  • Every diamond is approved to warrant the 4Cs are up to ORNAZ standards. If any of the measurements are off by even a fraction of a millimeter, it will be sent back to be re-cut and polished until it has reached its full potential.

  • ORNAZ diamonds are approved to warrant the 4Cs

STEP 5: Setting

  • ORNAZ diamond's are unique
  • Finally, the diamond is ready to be set. Because every ORNAZ diamond is unique, each setting is uniquely handcrafted so that the final design honors the diamond.