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    Metal Buying Guide

    Yellow Gold

    Yellow Gold has classic and deep look about it and radiates victory and opulence. There are different levels of purity available depending on your choice and budget. Today the purest gold available is 24 karat or 22 karat which has maximum amount of pure gold and the least amount of impurities present in it. However the affordable and more easily available gold is 18 karat or 14 karat gold. This contains about 58-75% pure gold and is the gold of preference for a majority of jewellery dealers today.

    Yellow Gold can be comfortably worn with anything and blends with any other gemstone attractively. Just like how happily married couples complement each other, combine your gold wedding band with your engagement ring and bring out the beauty of both. Gold can be worn with any outfit like casual clothes during the day or for a formal evening or even for a business meeting. Today the versatility of designs available in gold makes it an authentic ideal choice since it can stand out or make a statement or subtly enhance your outfit.

    Benefits of Yellow Gold

    • 1. The inherent of the majestic Yellow Gold makes it both luxurious and warm at the same time
    • Yellow Gold can be combined with anything - Platinum, Silver, Diamonds or Gemstones
    • Yellow Gold will always remain a consistent financial investment and valuable all the time.
    • Yellow Gold does not discolour

    14 karat or 18 karat?

    • As the Gold of choice 14 karat is more affordable and more popular
    • 14 karat retains its luster and glow despite containing a lesser amount of pure gold
    • 18 karat gold is pure, heavier and more expensive
    • 18 karat gold is recognized worldwide and has a buttery rich tone

    White Gold

    If the Yellow in the Yellow Gold isn't only your choice and want an option, White Gold makes a better substitute. White Gold contains the same characteristics plated with rhodium for lasting brightness, of Yellow Gold but has cooler silvery tone to it. Jeweler facts in White Gold are similar to Yellow Gold, both being available in 14 karat and 18 karat where 18 karat contains more Gold and thus being heavier.

    Since White Gold gives the same finishing touch and it is affordable for people inclined towards Platinum jewellery.

    Over the past few years White Gold has gained popularity since it fits with any occasion and any outfit. A recent example would be Her Royal Highness Kate Middleton's royal engagement ring which is made of Blue Sapphire surrounded by Diamonds with a White gold. If that seems a little out of budget, with something more affordable you could always replace the gemstones. White Gold gives a contemporary look where Yellow Gold stay classic. A casual outfit looks modern and classy when combined with a pair of White Gold earrings or a delicate necklace while your evening wear comes alive when you combine gemstones with white gold. White Gold can be washed with mild dish soap and warm water. When you are cleaning Use a soft brush.


    • Its versatile look lends itself to any outfit, any occasion and any gemstone
    • According to your look you can also combine it with other metals like Platinum, Rose Gold, or Sterling Silver
    • It has scratch resistant property with no tarnish like Silver
    • If you're a Platinum jewellery lover so it will be a good affordable substitute

    Rose Gold

    The warm tones of Rose Gold add romance to any piece of jewellery. The rosy glow flatters any skin tone and when combined with any gemstone, Rose Gold jewellery creates a boundary surrounded by love and makes you feel like a princess. You can also combine it with other metals without any confusion in your mind. Rose Gold follows the same principles of Yellow Gold, available both in 14 karat and 18 karat. The 14 karat pieces often have a pinker hue to it since there's a larger deposit of copper present while the 18 karat is a purer blend of copper and gold. Over the recent years Rose Gold is gaining popularity with more celebrities endorsing it by choosing their wedding or engagement rings in Rose Gold.

    The warm coppery tones of Rose Gold lend can be combined with gemstone perfectly and brings out your skin tone. It is as valuable as Yellow Gold and has a lasting significance while holding a tag of trendy piece of jewellery to wear. This will be definitely the choice of metal if you're looking for a little romance and a little fashion gold.